"History does not record a government of the people assured in secret."

"A tyrant's only ally is fear."

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For over 225 years the American Freedom Clock ran proudly forward without pause or hindrance. On December 19, 2005 George W. Bush proclaimed that his administration was not subject to oversight by the Judicial or Legislative branches of our once Constitutional government, the forenamed branches acquiesced without objection, and the American Freedom Clock was reset and began to run backwards.
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Sunday, December 23, 2012
Farewell, For Now


"Nothing is certain, except that humanity is good."



Fellow citizens, I created this site long ago because at the time few were speaking out against the injustice that had befallen our great nation, and I envisioned ways to further the cause of humanity now, and in the future.


Since those days the Bush administration has gone, and many popular sites have risen to challenge our new police state, and our new inhumanity. Therefore I see no reason to further build this site, but will maintain the Freedom Clock, and A Future of the Brave, which I hope all of you will read.


And perhaps one day I will return to reset the Freedom Clock to run forward, which is now one of my grandest dreams.


Of course, if ever 20 or more citizens volunteer to help with developing and maintaining the site I will be happy to open it again. But for now, it is too much for me to support myself, and until other citizens are willing to join it is unnecessary.




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